Win a pair of tickets to Top Gear Live 2012. (UK)

Win a pair of tickets to Top Gear Live 2012. (UK)

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The MyCarHeaven team are offering 1 lucky Competwitioner the chance to win a pair of tickets to Top Gear Live 2012. This will be a great event. Your chance to get up close to May, Clarkson and Hammond and of course "The Stig". The tickets have a face value of £49 each.

Each ticket will get you:
A general seat in the Live Action Arena & Track
Access to the Exhibition
A copy of the official Top Gear Live Showguide (RRP: £13.00)

For more Top Gear Live information visit:

It's a wonderful event, not one to be missed! Good luck and don't forget to follow the MyCarHeaven team:

There is 1 prize available in this Competwition.

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  3. Oh, and if you happen to be picked by Competwition's random winner generator at the end of the competwition, @mycarheaven will contact you via Twitter to let you know you've won some excellent booty!

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