Kick your Gluten-Free Sweet Tooth (worldwide)

Kick your Gluten-Free Sweet Tooth (worldwide)

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Win entrance to the upcoming Gluten-Free Sugar Cleanse starting 9/27/12 at 8:30pm ET!

The GF Sugar Cleanse is an online 5-week course that provides the community, support and know-how to kiss your GF Sweet Tooth good-bye. Overcome your addictions to carbs, chocolate and baked goods!

With this cleanse, you will get 5 audio class learning modules to give you the tips and tricks to reduce your sugar cravings, handouts and helpful worksheets so you can process what you will learn about sugar, as well as the critical information about the "Good, Bad and Ugly" aspects of sugar, artificial sweeteners and sugar alternatives. You'll also receive a detailed eManual which explains many of the issues with sugar and health more in depth as well as provide 30+ Gluten-Free, healthy, easy-to-make recipes, shopping lists and meal plans. Each week, the group meets on a live coaching call to deepen the information learned before the call and to get coaching by Jennifer (founder of Gluten Free School) to celebrate success and move beyond blocks in the road.

You'll also have access to the Gluten Free Sugar Cleanse private online community dedicated to this cleanse as well as the private Facebook group to stay connected even after the cleanse ends with your like-minded Cleansers.

This prize is valued at $560 US. Entrance is not limited to those in the US as people from all over the world have joined in before for previous cleanse.

There are 3 prizes available in this Competwition.

How Competwition works:

  1. Entry is completely free - all you need is a Twitter account!
  2. When you enter you'll automatically follow @competwition and @jenfugo, and you'll automatically tweet the competwition prize details and a link to your followers - this will only happen once per entry.
  3. Oh, and if you happen to be picked by Competwition's random winner generator at the end of the competwition, @jenfugo will contact you via Twitter to let you know you've won some excellent booty!

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You may not transfer this prize to any other GF Sugar Cleanse. It is only good for the September 2012 group. You may gift your prize to a person should that suit you, however you may not share the login details with others since this is a private group.

There are no additional products or supplements that you need to purchase.

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