Do you want to better understand your child? Now matter their age, Christine Agro can help! (worldwide)

Do you want to better understand your child? Now matter their age, Christine Agro can help! (worldwide)

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Do you want to better understand your child and your relationship with your child?

Christine Agro, founder of The Conscious Mom's Guide(TM) (, noted parenting expert and BeliefNet Blogger (Life As A Conscious Mom) is offering a 30 minute phone reading ($150 value). During the reading Christine can help you better understand what's behind your child's behavior, expressions and experiences and she can give you tips and tools to help you support your child. Whether you are pregnant or your child is 20 years old, Christine can give you some invaluable insight.

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This gift IS transferable. If you win it and you want to pass it on to a new mom or a friend, feel free to do so. You will receive a gift certificate that can be used once. The gift is not redeemable for any cash value. Appointments are scheduled during reading times Monday through Friday between 9am and 3pm ET - no exceptions.

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